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The trends of the inclusion of pupils with special educational needs and the academisation of English schools.

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Table of Contents Introduction Topic 1: Primary dashboard Topic 2: Time series trends Topic 3: Breakdown by region Introduction Our shiny app has now been released! As part of the research project we wish to build a visualisation tool to provide overview and insights into the trends and distributions of academisation and educational inclusion in England. We build this visualisation tool using these amazing technologies:


Research Studies

Journal articles, working papers and conference proceedings

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About Us

Alison Black (, ) has conducted quantitative research in the fields of the placement of pupils with SEN in her doctoral study and subsequently in trends analysis. She analysed government statistics to explore the over-representation of secondary aged students in special schools in England.

Brahm Norwich (, ) is an experienced researcher with a record of research into the national trends in placement of pupils with SEN and policy study over many years.

Alexey Bessudnov (, , ) is a sociologist with the expertise in statistical methods in the social sciences. His substantive interests are in the fields of sociology of education and social stratification.

Yi Liu (, , ) is a data scientist who applies sophisticated quantitative methods into social-economic analyses. His research heavily relies on computational analytical toolsets in order to gain insights into the patterns of large high-dimensional time series and longitudinal data sets.